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Bauer Energy Design

Better for your Environment... Better for You

Water, one of the basic elements of life.

Our bodies are more than 60% water. We use water everyday of our lives. To drink and to clean are two of the most important uses. Water is everywhere. But pure, clean water is an illusive goal seldom reached.

There always seems to be something; contaminants, impurities, and the like, in the water that makes it less than pure and clean. Until now.

Bauer Water is different, better, new and improved some might say. Using the science of Nanobubbles, Bauer has fundamentally improved water and the world will be a better place for it. Cleaner, healthier, environmentally friendlier water is now a reality.

What makes Bauer Engineered Water different?

We don't just filter water...we change it.

Through our patented process, the Bauer Water System is a highly-efficient Nanobubble Generator that relies on nothing but the movement of water to supply an abundant amount of nanobubbles. No other system can generate the abundance of long-lasting nanobubbles necessary to consistently prevent the formation of biofilm and facilitate the removal of microscopic contaminants like the Bauer Water System.

Our 3 stage Filtration Process.

  • Stage 1 : Bauer Processor (Video presentation shown on right)

  • Stage 2 : Fine Filtration

  • Stage 3 : Micro Filtration

Bauer Engineered Water is so radically different, the benefits alone defy logic. We assure you it is not magic...it's science!

Bauer Energy Design Green Milk™ Project (United States Only)

Bauer Energy Design is always looking for energetic people to become distributors! Contact us today.

Water. Cleaner Water. Healthier Water.

Purer Water. Bauer Water.