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About Bauer

Bauer Energy Design Inc. Services

  • Licensing of innovative patents and processes for water treatment

Current reference projects

  • Bauer Energy Design Patented Water Treatment Systems for Farms

  • Advanced Vapor Technologies, LLC water treatment for dry steam vapor known as TANCS

  • Specialty water treatment oxygen applications for Waste Water Treatment.

  • Currently designing new Water Filtrations Systems, several large corporations.

Bauer Energy Design Inc. unique technologies

  • Control and elimination of iron bacteria in water systems

  • Control and elimination of biofilm in water systems

  • Control of scaling and corrosion in water systems

  • Advanced filtration technologies for water systems

  • Advanced chemical treatment systems for water systems

  • Advanced UV disinfection for water systems

  • Dissolved bonded oxygen technology for complete utilization of liquid oxygen

  • Remediation of lagoons, ponds, lakes and waste water effluent

Bauer Energy Design Inc. distributes the following products

  • Bauer Energy Design Inc. Nanobubble Generator NSF 61 approved from 20 to 1500 mm in diameter custom engineered and built to its unique proprietary specifications.

  • Licenses of Patents for various applications

  • Direct sale of products on a DISTRIBUTOR/OEM basis

  • Consulting Engineering Contracts

If you believe that your energy costs can be reduced and controlled but have yet to identify where and to what extent, Contact us will and we help.


Typical Bauer Energy Design Home Water Filteration System

Let us know the benefits Bauer Engineered Water has made in your life. We believe strongly in our product and would love to share your experience with others.