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3 Stage Filtration Process

STAGE 1: Bauer Energy Design Nanobubble Generator

The Bauer Energy Design Nanobubble Generator is placed in your water line ahead of any filters or softeners. Water exiting the Bauer Nanobubble Generator is conditioned and now has some unique properties:

  • Due to the properties of the nanobubbles, the suspended solids in the water are now flocculated (attracted to each other and clumping together) making them easier to filter out of the water

  • Iron bacteria, if previously present, is now absent

  • After conditioning with our Nanobubble Generator, the mineral characteristics of the water are now uniform

STAGE 2: Fine Filtration

The second stage is a 5 micron water filter:

A positive result of conditioning is the flocs do not attach to the filter. We found that the 5 micron filters are easy to wash off and that the flocs are not sticky unlike filters where the water has not be conditioned.

The inside of the filter housing also stays clean with no film.

No bio fouling of the filter housing occurs. Further tests have shown, though there was a presence of iron bacteria in the water supply before treatment, there was an absence after treatment.

STAGE 3: Micro Filtration

We use the Argonide Nano Ceram Filter.

This filter has ultra filtration properties. We refer to it as a membrane in a can.

The shape of the filter after six months of household usage is remarkable. This is because the vast majority of the visible particles due to flocculation were caught by the 5 micron filter. 

There is no visible or measurable bio fouling.

The simplicity of the system is hard to believe, however it is factual based on accepted scientific principles.

The water is chlorinated to standard municipal levels however the conditioning and filtration give the water the ability to end the formation of bio films and bio fouling.


Bauer Design Energy
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5 Micron Filter

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